Rooms & Appartment

Mamas Coral Beach Hotel and Restaurant has 9 rooms and 2 apartments for you to stay in during your visit to Hikkaduwa.


All the rooms are fully air conditioned, so that neither heat nor cold will bother you during the time stay inside. Sri Lanka isn’t an extremely hot or cold place, but we have this facility for your maximum comfort ability. This will be useful in the afternoon as the sunshine would sometime come to your room through windows that are facing sea side.


Every room in Mamas Coral Beach Hotel and Restaurant has a mind soothing view ofthe sea. Open your windows so that sea breeze can come into your room. It’ll bea nice experience when sea breeze just refresh your body and soul. You’ll be able to see people enjoying their time in the sea, ships making their gentle strolls across ocean near the horizon, and boats taking people to see the famous Coral Garden of Hikkaduwa. One thing is for sure, no matter how comfortable the rooms are, the view of the sea through windows will try to get you back to sea.


Mamas Coral Beach Hotel has WiFi connections available in every room, so that connecting to Internet with all your devices is easy. You can use this facility to share photographs from your trip in your social networks, send your friends or family some emails. Don’t forget to go to our page in TripAdvisor ( and leave a review for us there. It’ll help other people to find this place.


Mamas Coral Beach Hotel has both double and triple rooms, so spending your holiday with your family is so fun.


The apartments in Mamas Coral Beach Hotel are fully furnished with European style furniture with private balconies. Apartments have all the facilities asrooms, and much much more free space for you backed with exceptional service.



Rooms & Appartment

Make your stay in Hikkaduwa a comfortable one.

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